Eddie Lenihan

Eddie Lenihan

Keeping the tale alive

With legends such as Fionn Mac Cumhail, the Children of Lir and Tir na Noige, Ireland is enriched in tales of battles, sorrow, greed and victory. For centuries these mystical tale were told around the fire, making their mark on future generations. Now while our world today has advanced with the power of technology and an ever moving atmosphere, it is thanks to the likes of Eddie Lenihan that keeps these stories alive.

A native of County Kerry, Eddie first began this journey by simply telling bedside stories to his own children. He has gone on to write 17 books and 12 recordings. His book “Meeting the Other Crowd” has also been translated into Italian and Japanese. Over the years he has featured on not only Irish television and radio but across the world in Dubai, UK, Canada and China.

Today Eddie is based in Cusheen in County Clare but travels around Ireland visiting schools, libraries, prisons and festivals bringing back to life the tales of the past.

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