Fado fado fado…or to translate a long time ago, Ireland began to sow a seed that would spring life and richness to a culture that is recognised and admired around the world. While we may be often associated with enjoying life to the extreme there is an element of us that runs deep in our veins and that makes us unique among the rest of the world.

Ireland that has grown over centuries and is enriched in history, tales and powerful meanings. Seanachai were not just people trying to scrape a living together, they were a way of keeping our heritage and culture alive at a time when it was being suppressed by English law.

What has lasted and grown for centuries all began around simple camp fires. Seanachai, which is the Irish word for story tellers where highly respected men in their village or would travel from town to town entertaining those longing to hear of tales heroes, far away lands and supernatural beings.

As the centuries moved on so did Irish minds. What would start as small stories would become something that would make Irish known around the world. This was a love and passion for literature and the arts. With such famous writers such as James Joyce, William Butler Yeats, Bernard Shaw and Samuel L. Beckett, they have helped transform the art of storytelling. They have opened our minds to reality around us, helped us explore the inner depth of our minds and conscience, capturing our imaginations either on the page in front of us or within the space of four walls.

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