Milk and Cookies

Milk & Cookies

“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.” – William B. Yeats

The history of Ireland is immersed in the richness of stories, fables and mythical legends. As the centuries rolled on we became known around the world for our poignant and heart wrenching literature. The writings of authors such as James Joyce, Samuel L. Beckett and William Butler Yeats opened our minds to society, immersed us in the wonders of the mind but also encouraged us to think for ourselves and to ask ourselves what is life about?

While often our time is spent on surviving each day to the next, the beauty of culture and memories are over shadowed and simply forgotten. Milk and Cookies is located at the arts centre on upper exchange street, Temple Bar and is a non-profit organisation that began in 2009. Its survival is thanks to the volunteers who want to not only revive the past but who want to unearth the potential of the future.

This organisation invites everyone from writers and performers to those who have never ventured in this art. It gives all the opportunity to have their chance to tell a story and for others to listen. It is an alcohol free zone but there is plenty of tea provide and for those who have a slight baking streak the group encourage them to bring along anything that goes good with a cup of tea.
So if you have a desire to tell stories or just simply to escape the outside world, spend an evening with Milk and Cookies. It will be an evening with a difference.

Milk & Cookies from Cian Brennan on Vimeo.

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